Exploring MusicKit and Apple Music API

Rudrank Riyam
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WWDC 2022 was amazing, and we also got tons of updates for the MusicKit framework! 

From the library requests to getting to use the artist's artwork, I am working hard on updating the book in the next few months to contain everything you need to know for MusicKit 2.0. Also, the update will be FREE if you buy now. :] 

Plus, I plan to include small sample projects from now, like one for the new recommendation request and the one for the library request, exploring each of them extensively. 

Also, the chapter on "Working with Charts" in MusicKit 2.0 is out!

During WWDC 2021, Apple announced MusicKit for Swift, which automatically generates the developer and user token for you and has most of the data models you used to create and decode yourself.

The framework makes it easier to work with Apple Music API and integrate it into your app.


There is hardly any content out there (read: none), and I am dependent on the information scattered around in Apple’s developer forum and the posts I write due to the lack of documentation.

I knew I wanted to have everything in one place to focus on working on my app Musadora, an Apple Music client, and you do not have to go around looking for answers.

The first part of the book has separate chapters to fill in the gap in the documentation, filled with examples so that you do not have to spend time experimenting with it yourself.

I hope this book provides value to you and your app and you enjoy working with MusicKit and integrating Apple Music into your app!


"Thank you, the documentation you give is much more fruitful than Apple's documentation for MusicKit, making it a lot easier to integrate."

"Good luck with the Apple Music book; I hope it continues to go well for you. I have a project I’m working on now, which has helped."

The book is divided into two parts, where the first part acts as a reference guide filling the gap in the documentation and curating examples. This book currently consists of this reference guide only.

This book contains 34 chapters divided into 7 sections.

These are:

Music Items

  • Introduction
  • Song
  • MusicVideo
  • Track
  • Album
  • Artist
  • Playlist
  • Curator
  • RecordLabel
  • RadioShow
  • Station
  • Genre
  • Chart

Music Item Attributes

  • ContentRating
  • EditorialNotes
  • PreviewAsset


  • Authorization
  • Requesting Authorization
  • Permission


  • Music Subscription
  • Subscription Offer
  • Subscription Offer Sheet

Requesting Data

  • MusicCatalogResourceRequest
  • MusicCatalogSearchRequest
  • MusicDataRequest


  • Artwork
  • ArtworkImage
  • Artist Artwork

Music Player

  • MusicPlayer
  • SystemMusicPlayer
  • ApplicationMusicPlayer
  • PlaybackStatus
  • RepeatMode
  • ShuffleMode

Coming Soon in Next Edition

  • Custom MusicLibraryResourceRequest
  • Custom MusicLibrarySearchRequest
  • Queue
-Quantity 1+
  • The book in PDF format

  • iOS
    15 and 16 (beta)
  • Swift
    5.5 and 5.7
  • Xcode
    13 and 14 (beta)
  • The book in PDF format
  • iOS 15 and 16 (beta)
  • Swift5.5 and 5.7
  • Xcode 13 and 14 (beta)


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Exploring MusicKit and Apple Music API

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