Exploring Freelancing

Rudrank Riyam
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"Completed Exploring Freelancing, I absolutely loved it. All the chapters after From Twitter Friends to Playing Clients onwards were so so well written and gripping."

I started my freelancing journey in May 2020 and decided to step on the pathless path in May 2023 to become an independent writer and developer while doing freelance work part-time to pay the bills while I experiment with my curiosity.

  • Where to find clients on Twitter?
  • What should be the duration of the contract?
  • Should I charge monthly or hourly?
  • What if the clients don't pay?

You're at the right place if you can relate to these questions that wander in your mind. Every chapter is accompanied by lessons learned, so you don't waste your time making them and learn to make better choices yourselves.

I hope my efforts provide value to you and help you land your first client successfully!


  1. Making the First Dollar Online
  2. The Idea of Freelancing
  3. Internship to Freelance
  4. Have to Abandon Project?
  5. Emergency Work
  6. Getting Paid Hourly
  7. First Reference
  8. Dream Gig and COVID Halt
  9. Finding Clients on Twitter
  10. Trusting Instincts Over Opportunity
  11. From Twitter Friends to Playing Clients
  12. Getting Referrals From Clients
  13. Being a Consultant
  14. Cushion of Monthly Salary
  15. Open-Source for Wonders
  16. Occasional Consulting: LLC Hours
  17. Independent
  18. Freelancing in 2023
  19. Navigating the Taxes Maze
  20. Diversifying Income Streams
  21. Conclusion

1: Jump from Internship to Freelance

In this chapter, I share how I stepped into the tech world after graduating with degrees in IT, math, and business. I learned that internships at startups are golden opportunities. I got my feet wet with a two-month role at one, understanding the ins and outs of software projects.

But an unexpected twist came when my planned Apple internship got delayed. This led me back to the startup for a short freelance project. I faced challenges, like new software tools, but finished the work in half the time. This chapter also talks about my decision on how to charge for work - per project or by the hour. For me, charging by the project was a win in this case.

My first freelance experience taught me a lot, especially about the potential money in freelancing. And hint: I'll dive into my personal tech projects in the upcoming sections.

2: Have to Abandon Project?

Starting a new app project was thrilling. But I had to stop it because of an upcoming Apple internship. When changes come up, always talk to your client honestly. The Apple internship was more important for me, so I told my client.

The big lesson? Always end on good terms with clients. Good relationships in freelancing can lead to more work or recommendations. Even if you have to stop a project like I did, try to leave things positively. The client might come back to you in the future. Also, always be respectful and professional. In freelancing, every client and project teaches you something. It's a journey, and you keep learning from it.

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Exploring Freelancing

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