Journey of Freelancing

Rudrank Riyam
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I started my freelancing journey in May 2020 and worked with five different clients, ranging from India to the USA and Canada. Having a Twitter audience helped a lot to get work, and in this book, I'll talk about my journey of freelancing. 

  • Where to find clients on Twitter?

  • What should be the duration of the contract?

  • Should I charge monthly or hourly?

  • What if the clients don't pay?

You're at the right place if you can relate to these questions that wander in your mind.

Every chapter is accompanied by lessons learned, so you don't waste your time making them and learn to make better choices yourselves.

I hope my efforts provide value to you and help you land your first client successfully!


  • Jump From Internship to Freelance

  • Getting Paid Hourly

  • First Reference

  • Finding Contracts on Twitter

  • The Client isn't Paying, Now What?

  • From Twitter Friends to Paying Client

  • Being a Consultant

  • Conclusion

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  • You'll get a PDF containing 50+ pages of content.
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Journey of Freelancing

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