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Exploring Internships

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My journey with internships started at a small startup. From there, I joined different teams like an open-source organisation, a solo project, bigger startups, and even Apple. I learned a lot during these times.

One big lesson? The power of making friends and connections, especially on places like X (formerly Twitter).

This book is about all I did in my four years of college.

I tried many things: some worked, some did not. I want to share it all with you. If you are looking for your dream internship, I hope my experiences can help.

Happy reading, and best of luck in finding your next internship!

Released Contents of the book in 2023:

  • Apple Interview Experience and Notes
  • Apple WWDC Scholarship Experience

Contents of the book for 2024:


  • Starting Freshman
  • iOS Development as Niche
  • Compulsory Internships
  • Stipend as Side Income

Open Source Organisation

  • The World of Open Source
  • Out of League Project
  • First Failure - Rejection in GSoC
  • Quitting iOS Development
  • Lessons Learned

Early Stage Startup

  • College Startups
  • Picking iOS Development Again
  • iOS Intern or Lead iOS Developer?
  • Shipping the Product
  • Lessons Learned

Open Source Summer Program

  • Working on a Big Code Base
  • Accessibility in iOS
  • Getting Selected
  • Functioning Remotely in Different Time-Zone
  • Power of VoiceOver
  • Successfully Finishing the Program
  • Lessons Learned

One Person Team

  • Networking at a Conference
  • Mistake of Experimenting
  • Giving Talks
  • Priorities
  • Lessons Learned

Client/Product Startup

  • Power of Networking, Again
  • Working on a Different Platform - watchOS
  • Dealing with Client Work
  • Discovery Requires Experimentation
  • First Breakdown
  • From Intern to Freelance
  • Lessons Learned

Huge Company

  • Twitter is Wild
  • Dark Days of LeetCoding
  • Bombing My First Interview
  • Another Chance
  • COVID-19
  • Twelve-Hour Time Difference
  • Going through Huge Codebase
  • Love for Meetings
  • Top-Notch Presentation
  • Writing Documentation
  • Second Breakdown
  • Support of Best Coworker
  • Mindset
  • Lessons Learned

Product Startup

  • Experience of Previous Internships
  • Writing Clean Code
  • Handling Semester Exams
  • Taking Ownership of a Big Feature
  • Giving your Everything
  • Third and Final Breakdown
  • Quitting
  • Lessons Learned

Future and Conclusion

  • If I Had to Start All Over Again
  • Importance of Personal Projects
  • Getting Contracts on Twitter
  • Indie App Developer?
  • Relish for Writing
  • My Future Ahead
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Exploring Internships

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